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Jim L Couch jimcouch at gmail.com
Tue May 27 06:31:06 PDT 2008

Dearest good gentles and gentle-ladies of the lyst

Never have I competed in a "bardic" competition, nor participated in a
bardic circle save one.  However, mundanely I have participated in
entertainment (amateur) off and on.  Naturally, your list and arts interests
me a great deal.

I have "played" off and on (mostly off) for a couple years but I have often
found it difficult to understand how a new person begins to find their way
into the entertainment arts of the SCA.  I wondered if any of you would mind
thinking back and telling me what it was that lead you to where you are
now.  Perhaps I just don't have the personality for the arts, but I have
always been one to listen to teachers and the instructs of others.. and I
will pursue this dream to life or any dying end.

As for talents?  Only mundanely, of course, I do sing decently.  I play
guitar although it seems that guitar tends to be looked down on.  I have
acted, directed, and wrote several plays even if they weren't the skill of a
master.. i still enjoyed it.  I love to story-tell but I will admit I am
slow to "improv" it.

I had the good fortune of attending the good Duchess Willow's class on
storytelling (I believe) a couple years ago during my first year in the
SCA.  I will be attending Kings College in Steppes (I believe it is) in a
couple weeks.  My hope is that it will help me tremendously.

Mostly, I find it difficult to step out of my shadow unless challenged.  I
lack self confidence to "promote" myself.  I am uncertain what constitutes
good SCA bardic material.  I am certain that there are other problem areas
but these are the most difficult for me.  I deeply admire what you, kind
readers, do and I have followed your discussions here.  Please share any
advice you can offer.

I pray that the answers to these questions and more will find their way to
me before I throw myself to the wind and am promptly laughed back into my
shadows, never to appear again.

ágætliga (honorably)
Sæmundr the pure of Namron


My life, my hobbies, and pictures at http://jimcouch.googlepages.com/
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