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Tue May 27 06:53:37 PDT 2008

To be honest, I had to be nudged by many friends to actually perform more and become more active.  The bardic aspect of the SCA was one of the first to appeal to me, but I didn't consider myself much of a performer (I still don't).  With their gentle nudges, a few individual pieces around a bardic fire, and a fun competition or two, I am now becoming  a little more daring in sharing the pieces I've learned.
   A good place for being challenged is at Castellan.  That was one of the first bardic competitions I competed in and enjoyed.  The format was for bards to challenge each other and choose their own judge and then the number of bouts won was kept track of with stones.  Each bard wears something to identify them as a bard and it is a lot of fun.  The three with the most stones at the end of day move to the finals where they write an original piece on a given topic and then perform it for the head table at feast.  This allowed me to be challenged in a lot of formats and to challenge others in forms I knew well.  It isn't as rigid a structure as standing before a crowd and performing your best pieces and made me a lot less nervous.  I like the idea of being challenged to something funny or to a song or to a piece about Ireland.  The possibilities are endless.  If not this year (next weekend) perhaps we will see you there next year.   It sounds like you are very talented and I look forward to seeing you perform.

Lady Liliana Byrnes
Province of Mooneschadowe

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