[Bards] New Performing Arts Defender of the Rose!

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 21:21:22 PDT 2009

This weekend, a fine competition was help to decide the Performing Arts
Defender of the Rose was held.  We had 5 bards stay through the warnings of
foul weather and the late night, even temporarily passing up the temptations
of the gargoyle to compete.  I would like to say a few words of praise to
all of these bards and give word fame

Sophie- A very talented lady from, I believe, Bryn Gwlad.  She regaled the
Roses and the audience with period pieces from the Bard Shakespeare and did
his fine and famous words justice.  It is always a challenge to
performpieces that people are familiar with and she them performed
Vyolante- This was her performance anniversary event.  The last Roses event
was her first time compete as a bard.  She has expanded her repertoire to
include period songs and has gained confidence in her performance.  It is
not easy to perform in front of crowd as she has embraced the challenged.
I'm sure we will see and hear much more from her in the future.
Alys- Her Excellency performed period music and a song that she wrote.  She
entertained the crowd with comedic verses and impressed us all with rich and
beautiful voice.
Modius- His Excellency inspired all those in attendance with the well
crafted words he had written himself.
Miguel- His Grace, as is his nature, entertained us with his vocal vocal
talents and performing abilities while simultaneously hosting a party for
the site.  He did both period works and an Ansteorran piece.

Thank you to all those who competed.  It was an entertaining evening.  Thank
you to all of the Roses in attendance, including our radiant Queen
Elizabeth.  And thank you to Countess Sara Penrose (Iron Rose Bardic) who
sponsored the competition.

The winner of the competition, as chosen by our beautiful Roses, was
Baroness Alys Durivau.  Congratulations to Her Excellency!!

In Service,
Brian O'hUilliam

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