[Bards] Music Competition

Jeffrey Clark jmclark85 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 02:20:50 PST 2009

Unto the Good Gentles of Ansteorra,

I am sending out a reminder that the deadline for entries for my music
composition competition is quickly approaching. I do understand that this
can be a harried time of year for many a person (it certainly has been for
me) especially since there are so many holidays and major events packed so
closely together; and so I will be accepting entries through the 5th of

If you missed out on this round of the competition, I do hope to start a
second iteration of it beginning in February.

Now that Christmas is over, I have time to devote to preparing the promised
lectures and classes, as well as the website.

If anyone would like to have me lecture on a specific topic in period music,
I would be more than willing to oblige; I am also still looking for more
places willing to host a lecture.

I wish everyone a happy conclusion to their Christmas feat!

Alessandro Zorzi

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