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The armies of the known world march onto the fields of Gulf Wars.  In unison, the soldiers of each army sing the songs of their respective kingdoms.  Onto the field marches the army of Ansteorra.  Toward the front, someone is yelling "WHO ARE WE?"  ANSTEORRA!!!!  Some measure back goes up the latest verse of "Tiny Bubbles".  The Household in the middle seems to be talking about the wild events at the revel the night before.....  A chaotic, eclectic barrage of soldiers.  Not exactly the most imposing imagery as we enter....


The army of Ansteorra needs songs.  Songs that can be sung while marching into battle.  Ansteorra needs your help.  


I would like to offer a competition to the plethora of talented song writers that we have in this kingdom.  The winner will receive a fabulous prize (consisting of everything I can get my hands on to make you feel adequately rewarded) and eternal glory.  Though the piece does not have to be period in style, since we are  group of people recreating the ideals of the middle ages, it would be nice.  However, the most important aspects of the song are that...


1) It is in the key of "army".  i.e.  it sounds just as good being chanted/shouted by a group of men and women with minimal talent as it does being sung by the most talented vocalist.

2) It rouses the spirits of any Ansteorran warrior who hears it.  

3) The easier to memorize the better.


The winner will be chosen by the brave Ansteorran warriors attending Estrella War to support our cousins from Calontir on the week of February 8th - 15th.  If we have enough entrants, I will have to narrow it down to the finalists prior to Estrella.  As such, please have submission to me no later than February 1, 2010.  


How do you submit?  Any way you can.  If you can record a version and send it electronically, GREAT.  If you can send the lyrics and the musical arrangement, GREAT.  If you want to record a tape and mail it to me, GREAT! (Let me know and I will give you my address).  If you need to call me and have me learn the tune over the phone and then let me record it onto my Blackberry, GREAT!  If you can attend Estrella and sing it to the army personally, GREAT (and I will probably personally nominate you for an award).  I want to make this as easy on you as possible.  The important thing is that we get songs for our nobel defenders to sing as they march into battle, thus allowing them to embody the glory of Ansteorra.  


Every day that I live the dream, I am amazed at the talent of the people who share this dream with me.  I know that you will not let me down.  I know that you will not let our soldiers down.  I know that you will not let the dream down.  If the SCA is a lithograph of a painting, imitating the real image, the bards the are the added paint which make it seem authentic (yes, I can be cheesy).    


In service,


Lord Lucas mor mac Raghnaill

Premier Bard of Ansteorra
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