[Bards] Looking to the next year... outside our comfort zone.

Mea Passavanti mea.passavanti at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 12:52:25 PST 2009

I've been spending a lot of time recently trying to stretch myself a
little further thanks to Caitrin's Challenge. With Eisteddfod behind
us, I'm looking and focusing on Gulf War - and what is Gulf War
without my amazing friends?

Kingdom A&S is coming soon, and I am hoping Many of you will be
competing for the honor to represent Ansteorra at War this coming
year. I know I'm delving deep to see if I can find 'something' that
will be worthy of our Armies. I am asking that you, too, start
preparing and bring your pieces in February. If you are not certain
how to go about documenting a piece - or even want help Finding a
piece... I hope you won't hesitate to contact me. I'm more than happy
to help where I can.

I know there are many who ask... "all that Fighting during the day!
What can WE, as Bards do to have a little fun. :0)
I hope I have an answer for you. In the past there have not been many
classes in Bardic taught during Gulf Wars. I'm hoping that you all
will help me change that. I'm requesting information on teaching and
hope to have details soon. Each one of us has our strengths... let us
share them with our friends outside of Ansteorra. Don't feel that you
are ready to teach? No problem... Share with us the things YOU would
like to see taught. That helps us a great deal.

Just a few more things to think about during your busy Holiday Season.

HL Mea Passavanti
Deputy MOAS: Bardic and Performance

"After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box."

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