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Nice topic.

In competition, it's something the judges should offer, perhaps a seperate
"comments" sheet for the performers.  I know I often go into competition
and, if I don't win, expect a comment on what, if anything, weaknesses there
might have been of the performance(s).

Otherwise, it's something I'll seek if I'm looking to improve a piece.  I'll

I try to avoid offering commentary on other's performances unless asked.

I believe that there is a lot of good to be had in bardic groups that meet
on a regular basis to give each other the chance to perform and ask
questions of the performance.  As long as everyone remembers that it's not
how "they" would have done it, but what would work best for the performer
asking the question, it can't help but improve the group as a whole.  Not
only are we learning to take critique and hone your skills as a performer,
but we're also learning to listen with a critical ear and eye.

I never take critique as an attack.  I consider everyone I know to be a
teacher of some aspect of performance or another; some have more to offer,
some have less, but everyone has something.

When I am asked to judge, I write impressions on the sheet, "The audience
isn't at your feet, look at them", "Great tone!", "Don't move the head from
side to side so much while singing", "Wonderful transition",  etc.  It's the
one time I offer critique unbidden, but I make the assumption that the
performers would like to know what the judge is thinking.

Great question, Mea.

With a song in my heart I am
Gerald of Leesville
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On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 10:44 AM, <mea.passavanti at gmail.com> wrote:

> Odd topic - I know!
> While sitting around these last couple of weeks, I have found that I have
> many many questions pop into my head. I can think of no better place to
> field them than with you, so I will be posting many to you over the next
> several weeks.
> The first that has come to mind...
> What is the best way - in your opinion - to recieve critique so that it
> helps you along your path? I'm not just talking about competition. Do you
> prefer to wait until you are ready for it and ask a fellow bard? Do you need
> written docs for you to analyze and mesh into your performace? What manner
> is most effective?
> Questions for thise who judge... next tme.
> Please...discuss.
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