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A Bardic Round Table sounds interesting.


On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 4:41 PM, Catrin ferch Maelgwn
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> Greetings, Ansteorra!
> It is my pleasure to share with you the details of some bardic activities
> I'll be hosting at our upcoming 30th Year celebration.  Both bardic circles
> will take place near the outdoor stage area.  I would like to try both in
> the format of "perform, pick, or pass" - i.e., moving around the circle
> with
> each person choosing either to do a piece, request a piece from someone
> else, or pass on their turn - so that the circle keeps flowing and
> everybody
> gets an equal chance to participate.
> *Friday night bardic circle - 9:00 PM*
> All are invited to gather on Friday night to enjoy bardic performances in
> honor of Ansteorra's birthday.  We encourage a focus on pieces that
> celebrate Ansteorran history, people and events, as well as older pieces
> written in the younger days of Ansteorra (including, perhaps, some of those
> that may not be heard so often anymore - dust off your songbooks!)  Of
> course, you are welcome to perform whatever you wish, but it would be
> lovely
> to hear many performances that suit the theme and contribute to the
> atmosphere.  Some snackies and beverages to be provided; more are always
> gratefully accepted!
> *Children's bardic circle - Saturday, 3:00 PM*
> I am calling this a children's bardic in order to encourage our younger
> performers to participate, but it is, in fact, a youth-friendly bardic that
> will be open to all.  Parents, bring your aspiring bards who wish to share
> their talents with our kingdom!  Bards of all ages, bring your children's
> songs, fairy tales, and any material appropriate for an all-ages audience.
> PLEASE NOTE: minors in attendance at the circle MUST be accompanied by a
> parent or legal guardian at all times.  As above, snackies and beverages
> (not the adult kind!) will be provided.  It's outdoors in the afternoon, so
> we'll try to find the shadiest spot we can.
> *Nebulous possibilities yet to be determined*
> As a special note to the performing community - would any of you be
> interested in a bardic/performing arts roundtable-meet-n'-greet-type-thing
> at some point during the weekend? (I'm a poet, not a technical writer...)
> It's rare for us to have a big event that attracts large numbers from all
> over the kingdom, and with such a long weekend I thought it might be nice
> to
> open up the possibility of a semi-formal get together to talk about any
> ideas, thoughts, or concerns that anyone has.  Perhaps for a little while
> before the bardic Friday?  Either way, my banner will be flying all weekend
> as an invitation for any who wish to seek me out for discussion.
> I do hope to see a nice crowd for both of the scheduled activities.  Our
> Ansteorran bardic circles are a joy to attend and, in my humble reckoning,
> a
> treasure and a credit to our kingdom--so if you've never had the pleasure,
> maybe now's the time to drop in!  And if you haven't already done so, I
> also
> recommend checking out the details of Lord Faelan's "Test of a Bard"
> competition: http://30th-year.ansteorra.org/activities/test_of_a_bard.php-
> which looks to be a deviously good time.
> Please contact me if you have any questions, and again, I hope to see you
> there!
> In service to Crown and Kingdom, I remain,
> Lady Catrin ferch Maelgwn
> Bard of Ansteorra
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