[Bards] Bards in the SCA, was: Bards Digest, Vol 50, Issue 2

Genie Barrett maggegene at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 20:00:31 PDT 2010

Welcome Hrethrec,

Well, we perform (whatever our particular genre is), we teach (I'm teaching
a bardic ettiquette class next weekend at Glaslyn's artisan event), and we
enjoy each other's company.

I'll amend this question for my fellow bards/scalds/performers....

*What have you done, performance-wise, in the last month or two, and what
are you wanting to do in the near future?*

I have taught classes, sung around the house, and begun writing a new song.
I hope to add bardic performance to my displays at Laurel's Prize Tourney
and Steppes Artisan.

Of note to all my performing friends out there,

I will also be helping judge the bardic competition at Three Kings this
year, and hope to host a bardic circle there.  Would it be better to do it
Friday night, or Saturday night?  Anyone want to vote?

Glad that the heat's days are numbered,
Magge MacPherson

> I've just joined the bards list, and not long ago rejoined the SCA after a
> lengthy absence.
> I'll start with the basic question:  What do bards in the SCA do (these
> days)?
> Hrethric/Rick

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