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Thank you for the link to "What Is A Bard:  The Myth and History".  Some of
that I at least passingly knew, some was new to me.

Other questions have presented themselves:

What genres of the bardic are there, currently?  In the "Myth and History"
we're told that bards are poets, historians, judges, teachers, and more, but
how does this manifest in the SCA today?  Is any performer called a bard, or
are 'Bards' held to a higher standard?

There's a specific etiquette to being a bard?

Are bards an official position within the SCA, with ceremonies, rites of
passage, and levels of accomplishment?  Or are they more informal?

What usually happens in a bardic circle?  How long does it last?

What is a 'NSTIW story circle'?

What is involved in a 'bardic competition'?

If one were interested in becoming a bard, how would one begin?


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> Welcome Hrethrec,
> Well, we perform (whatever our particular genre is), we teach (I'm teaching
> a bardic ettiquette class next weekend at Glaslyn's artisan event), and we
> enjoy each other's company.
> I'll amend this question for my fellow bards/scalds/performers....
> *What have you done, performance-wise, in the last month or two, and what
> are you wanting to do in the near future?*
> I have taught classes, sung around the house, and begun writing a new song.
> I hope to add bardic performance to my displays at Laurel's Prize Tourney
> and Steppes Artisan.
> Of note to all my performing friends out there,
> I will also be helping judge the bardic competition at Three Kings this
> year, and hope to host a bardic circle there.  Would it be better to do it
> Friday night, or Saturday night?  Anyone want to vote?
> Glad that the heat's days are numbered,
> Magge MacPherson
> Bard
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> Maggie, my experience would suggest that a bardic circle at Three Kings may
> do better Friday night than on Saturday night.
> Saturday night might do better for the NSTIW story circle....
> Ahem - what I've been doing for the last (mumble) months has been mostly
> non-SCA, not-particularly-Bardic (my lady's father has been preparing for,
> and has now had, reverse shoulder replacement surgery - and he had a serious
> reaction to something in the process that has slowed his recovery enough
> that we are scrambling to ease his way through the first few days in a
> nursing facility).
> Although..... in the traditional sense of the Bard, that has very much been
> part & parcel of What Bards Do.  (Yes, I'm working on re-writing / revising
> The Bardic Paper again.  It will ALWAYS be somewhat of a work in progress,
> actually.  Two revs back at
> http://bard.ansteorra.org/bardcraft/whatisabard.doc is still close enough
> for immediate purposes.)
> Questioning the answers as usual, I remain
> Amra, curmudgeon-in-training
> Adieu, Amra  / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe
> Mike C. Baker / Kihe Blackeagle
> Opinions? I'm FULL of 'em
> ************************************

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