[Bards] Bards in the SCA, was: Bards Digest, Vol 50, Issue 2

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Being a bard, like most aspects of the SCA, depends on what you want to do.
Many bards are exclusively "around the fire" bards.  They don't write their own pieces, but they learn the traditional pieces of the SCA and Ansteorra.  They enjoy bardic as a source of enjoying each others company, singing in groups and relaxing.  Other bards are performers.  They will come to some circles, but primarily relish competitions.  And of course you have every measure in between.  
You don't have to relate your bardic experience to your personna, though it is really cool when people do.  I think of myself as one of the Scottish Makaris.  However, I know several bards that I enjoy hanging out with that don't perform any original pieces.  
I would recommend coming to a few circles and a few competitions and deciding what you want to get out of it.  

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> Welcome Hrethrec,
> Well, we perform (whatever our particular genre is), we teach (I'm teaching
> a bardic ettiquette class next weekend at Glaslyn's artisan event), and we
> enjoy each other's company.
> I'll amend this question for my fellow bards/scalds/performers....
> *What have you done, performance-wise, in the last month or two, and what
> are you wanting to do in the near future?*
> I have taught classes, sung around the house, and begun writing a new song.
> I hope to add bardic performance to my displays at Laurel's Prize Tourney
> and Steppes Artisan.
> Of note to all my performing friends out there,
> I will also be helping judge the bardic competition at Three Kings this
> year, and hope to host a bardic circle there. Would it be better to do it
> Friday night, or Saturday night? Anyone want to vote?
> Glad that the heat's days are numbered,
> Magge MacPherson
> Bard
> Greetings,
> >
> > I've just joined the bards list, and not long ago rejoined the SCA after a
> > lengthy absence.
> >
> > I'll start with the basic question: What do bards in the SCA do (these
> > days)?
> >
> > Hrethric/Rick
> >
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