[Bards] Boxer has been placed ( was White Boxer Pup Free to good family)

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Thanx to all on the Bards list for the various responses.

The White Boxer, Fraulein Powder Beignet... has been placed with a nice family from Frisco TX. The couple came and picked Powder up yesterday. She will have a large fenced yard to run around in, which is right next to a county park, and a companion dog to hang out with. SO now Powder should be able to live a long happy life.

Best regards...
Baron Wylfred
aka Johnny Mutt

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Folks, (PLEASE pass this message along to all groups and friends if you would do so)

 I have a 1 year old, rare, White (gray speckled) Boxer, female, fixed, tail nipped but ears in tact, shots up to date... That needs a new home. Her name is Powder, she is affectionate, house broken, weighs about 55 pounds... very handsome animal, and is sort of trained (LOL!) Sort of an indoor outdoor dog...

She was Kathy's dog... (my "wife", recently deceased, Jan 25, 2010). In recent times, this dog, being a dog, has begun chasing livestock living on adjacent properties. Gunshots have been fired at the dog, and I have cleaned up many wounds so far. Recent complaints from neighbors have made it clear they WILL kill this dog, if given a clear shot. All because she likes to go cow tipping (??) 


Can't change the nature of the beast... ergo must change the environment or this dog will be shot and killed for being a dog.

Powder needs a new home with a new family who will love her and care for her. She is good with young children and gets along well with other dogs. (I have three at this time).

I would hope someone in the extended DFW area (North Texas) would like to have this dog, and make her a part of your family.

Please contact me here... I will deliver the dog into the hands of said good family.

AKA Baron Wylfred

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