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Greetings Brewers, Vintners, Apothecaries, and purveyors of popular

                Very soon, the kingdom of Ansteorra will gather to celebrate
the coronation of their Highnesses Ulsted and Ebergardis.  This will be a
joyous occasion of beautiful ceremony and touching words.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about today.  No, I wished to
talk to you today about the festival of food and libations that is to
accompany the day.  The good people of the shire have planned a full day of
feasting served to all who enter the great mead hall of Shadowlands.  To
accompany this, we hope to provide a constant flow of drink, both alcoholic
and not.  The Shadowlands’ Benders guild has been working hard to fill the
call, but still our cellars are too bare to do justice to the stature of his
Highness’ legendary revelry.

To this end we place the call for aid to all in the kingdom with skill in
the creation of potables.  We need drinks.  If you can donate homemade brew,
wine, mead, cordial, soft drink, flavored syrups, juices or any other liquid
consumable it would please Their Highnesses, the people of Shadowlands, and
all of Ansteorra.  If you have a favorite recipe, but not time to create it
yourself, please send the recipe ahead of time, and the Benders Guild will
try to create it for you.

Not going to coronation (for shame) but still want to contribute,  a
representative from the shire will be happy to collect your donation and we
promise to return bottles and kegs asap. Shire members will be in the North
this weekend, at War of Ages, and at Bryn Gwlad Baronial. Donations
gleefully accepted starting..now.

If you will be bringing a donation, we ask that you please let us know ahead
of time, so that we can include your name in the list of thanks in the site
hand out and be sure that proper serving arrangements have been made.

If you wish to tailor you donation to the days feast menu, a full list of
the courses is provided below.  Please take this opportunity to show off
your skills and help make the coronation of Ulsted and Ebergardis one to

Please contact Event Stewart Mistress Kaitlyn (mistresskaitlyn at gmail.com)
and Master of the Cellars Josef Gustavson (cj2308 at yahoo.com )

Thank you all,

Kaitlyn and Josef

  *Feast Menu*

Mid-Morning  nosh:
beer cheese
honey butter/ asst butters
sausage balls (fighter biscuits)
spiced nuts

Mid Day:
Roasted pork loin
port and cherry reduction
apple sauce
roasted root veggies

grilled pears
sausage and veggies skewers

Early Evening:
Pork/pumpkin soup
Leek/mushroom soup
Venison pasties

bulgar wheat w/ dried fruit
salad ( greens, dried fruit, nuts, goat cheese)

rose pudding
rice pudding

Prepay at *http://acceps.ansteorra.org*

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