[Bards] Call for Musicians

Catan ingen Michel catan_ingen_michel at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 5 17:59:37 PST 2011

I am sending this message on behalf of the dance master for Shadowlands' Fall 

Greetings my fellow Lords and Ladies,

This year the Shadowlands is once again hosting its Fall Ball in the
Small Hall. As the name of the event entails, there is a ball. While
dancing to recorded musicians is a suitable substitute for learning
dances, recordings can never stand up to having live musicians. With
that I would like to put out a call for musicians who would like to
contribute to our festivities. Alas this year the event has been moved
up to January 29th. It is an all day event, though the ball typically
is after/during feast. If you are interested in volunteering to play
music and would like further details you may e-mail me at
kyrubas at gmail.com.



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