[Bards] The job of the Premier Bard (was Greetings All)

Genie Barrett maggegene at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 10:43:55 PST 2012

Well, be specific.....

I feel that there should be groups at events doing bardic challenges or
competitions.  These should not conflict with championship competitions,
but at other events.

I think that we all should step up and take that responsibility, but it is
nice when our premier bard leads the way with example.  I've run challenges
for the groups I've been bard for.  The results were great, too.

As an artisan as well as a performer, I think we also should find a way to
share our art in all venues.  I'd really like to see opportunities for the
really cool period stuff outside the closed doors of KAandS and Eisteddfod.

I think we need to pull performance away from the dark of night and into
the day. We camp so rarely, that the bardic circle is becoming a really
rare thing.


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