[Bards] Year-Long Challenge for all Ansteorran Bards

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want to do this NOW!!!  lol I don't have any ideas except to help get us out of our comfort zone maybe we should do something else like teach others or if we are musicians recite a poem or learn a song on a different instrument or something make it a bit more difficult. (Im mentally crafting a song about our latest bardic champion...) 


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During my time as Premier Bard, I will hold a nearly year-long competition. It 
will start on February 1st, to give me time to get the rules down.

Here is my initial idea:

To qualify, you must show that you can meet several standards, so qualification 
will take time. I'll put together a sheet or ticket on which you can get 
signatures showing that you have fulfilled all requirements. This way, nobody 
qualifies the first week of February and then coasts for the year.

Here are some initial ideas for qualifications. Please offer suggestion for how 
many qualifications should be needed, what ideas I've left off, which ones are 
too hard, or too easy.

1. Perform in three of Ansteorra's regions, or two regions and out of kingdom.
2. Perform a piece you've written yourself.
3. Perform a piece about Ansteorra or Ansteorrans.
4. Perform a piece written by some other Ansteorran bard.
5. Perform a period or period-style piece.
6. Perform in winter, spring, summer, and fall.
7. Entertain a countess. (I'm not judging it; she has to sign that she found you 

I'd provide a small prize for everyone who qualifies, and then have a final 
challenge or competition near the end of the year - either at Tournament of 
Champions or Eisteddfod.

Any ideas? Any problems with it? Does this look like a fun challenge? We have 
the rest to January to iron it out.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
Premeier Bard of Ansteorra
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