[Bg-dance] Dance Nov 11

nl33@cornell.edu nl33 at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 11 07:47:55 PST 2002

So we had a blast dancing yesterday :) Thanks to all who came, and
apologies to those who didn't get info about it till late.

There were 10 people (forgive me when I butcher names):
Sherry, Daniel, Cynthia, Tehira, Gaillaume, Isabeau, Justin, Christy,
Sorsha and me.

We did 4 dances for Yule:
Pease Bransle
Black Alman
Bello del Fiore (both Gaillaume & Isabeau's version as well as De Couer's)

Then we also did an advanced Negri dance called:
Lo Spagnoletto.

Thanks for all who showed up :) There should be a regular dance practice
led by Ld Charles next Sunday. I'll hold another Yule+ dance practice the
Sunday after that on Nov 24th.

In service,
Lowrie Leulyn.

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