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Thu Nov 14 19:01:07 PST 2002

Apparently, there's going to be dancing next Sat at Cour D'Amor. Tehira
and I are planning on day-tripping this for the dancing.. and I'm
wondering if anyone else is thinking of going. I'm still not sure that
I'm going due to the fact that I'm moving that weekend :):) and is
scheduled to move big stuff on Sunday. But.. hey, isn't dance more
important then moving?

Anyway, here's some dance info regarding the event. Somewhere near the

In service to the dream of dance,

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:44:32 -0600
From: Debbie Spangler <paperdol at wt.net>
Subject: Dance practice--week of Nov., 14, 2002

Hi, everyone! Hope you are having a great day!

We had a great dance practice last Sunday. There were 10 of us--5 couples!
We did more Italian than anything else because we had a visitor, Vlad, from
Carolingia (Boston area) and Italian is his preference. He taught us one
version of a Leoncello--there are other Italian dances out there named
Leoncello! Anyway, it was all fun--and those of you who didn't make it--you
were missed!

Any November or December birthdays?

There is dance practice as usual this Sunday. We will be working on dances
for the demo at Charity's library on Friday, Dec. 13th from 7-9 pm. We will
do at the demo: Female Sailor, Jack's Maggot, Official Bransle and
Jouyssance vous Donnerai (we have Christmas music for those dances) and then
we will most likely do an Italian or two, an English Country Dance or two, a
bransle or two and probably teach some dances too. I do need to know this
week who will be able to participate in the demo, please!

Let me know if there are dances you want to learn, want to work on, want to
teach. I try to prepare ahead of time but this is your time so let me know
what you want or need!

This is the last weekend at TRF. If you go out--have fun! If you can find a
musician and dancers--get some dance going. We had 3 good dance sets out at
TRF last Saturday thanks to Charity, Gerald and Kemma (who got our
drummer!). Thanks to all who danced out there!

Next Saturday (Nov.23rd) is Gate's Edge's Cour d'Amour event that is close
by--2920 near 290. It will be an outdoor event--and a lot of fun so come if
you can! I plan on bringing the boombox and will be available to hold dance
classes and dance(s) the whole day.

Stargate's Yule Revel will be Sat. Dec. 14th. More information on site, etc.
to come--but this is a party you don't want to miss! I will have dance
running most of the day--starting late morning through the afternoon. Come
by and dance--we'll teach if people want us to or just dance the day away!

Hugs to all!


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