[Bg-dance] Dance at the demo this weekend

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Thu Oct 11 05:57:39 PDT 2007

I'll be there and have my dancing shoes on.


--- Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:

> There will be dancing at the Wells Branch "Ren Fair"
> this weekend.
> Thomas said that the tentative schedule is to have
> it at 11:30 AM and,
> er, 2:30 PM, but that's been set in Jell-O, not
> concrete.  Isabella
> has another committment, unfortunately.
> I'm hoping to first do a few demonstration dances --
> depending on who
> and how many and the temperature and the energy, it
> could be Heart's
> Ease and Rufty Tufty, or Black Nag (one rep), or
> Heralds in Love, or
> maybe even Picking Up Sticks.  Dances that we know
> well and can do
> without practice or walkthru, and that looks
> visually interesting.
> Then a few audience participation dances.  Maltese
> Bransle, Horse's
> Bransle, Montarde ... ooo, one I've just remembered
> and would be
> popular: New Bo Peep, and to lead up to that, we
> could do Half
> Hannigan.  Isabella suggests that the experienced
> dancers could do a
> couple of reps and then invite the audience in.
> So this message is the official shaking-the-bushed^W
> bushes to ask
> people to come out.  Who else is coming and will be
> available?  I'd
> also love suggestions on how to handle things.
> Danet de Lyncoln
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