[Bg-dance] Intermediate European Dance

Cindy Derrick cindy at mccr.org
Tue Nov 10 07:13:52 PST 2009

Good morning European dancers,
I wish to thank Star for her presentation  How to teach dance. I feel we 
received a lot of good information.
Group shared what helps us learn.
    Chunking -break into small parts
    Repetition- repeat several time in the near future
    Split up the beginners

I found two classes from KWDS 2009 that summarize Stars class.

Next intermediate class is November 22
    I would like everyone to familiarize yourself with Half hannigan. 
You will be invited to teach a step. I'll bring music and cue the music. 
If you want cue cards for the dance if you wish to watch rather than 
teach     a step fine. This class is for you.

Cheats sheets can be found at
    http://www.sca.org.au/del/ddb/  (Half Hannigan not here other good 
information for the future)

Best wishes

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