[Bg-dance] Intermediate European Dance

Thomas gemartt at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 10 07:40:02 PST 2009

Greetings all,  
I would also like to thank Star for her presentation 
and everyone who contributed their ideas.  Someone 
suggested having dancers listen to the music first.  
Some basic music education might also be helpful
for inexperienced listeners.      
We talked about the importance of giving positive 
feedback to beginners as well as experienced dancers.
We talked about when instructors stay out of the dance
as well as some of the challenges of calling a dance.
Star also showed us a way of carrying the dance steps 
on cards for easier reference. 
Thomas of Tenby  

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>Good morning European dancers,
>I wish to thank Star for her presentation  How to teach dance. I feel we 
>received a lot of good information.
>Group shared what helps us learn.
>    Chunking -break into small parts
>    Repetition- repeat several time in the near future
>    Split up the beginners
>I found two classes from KWDS 2009 that summarize Stars class.
>    http://www.kwdsvii.org/compendium/KWDS-2009.pdf
>Next intermediate class is November 22
>    I would like everyone to familiarize yourself with Half hannigan. 
>You will be invited to teach a step. I'll bring music and cue the music. 
>If you want cue cards for the dance if you wish to watch rather than 
>teach     a step fine. This class is for you.
>Cheats sheets can be found at
>    http://downloads.cynnabar.org/terp15bookcomplete.pdf
>    http://www.sca.org.au/del/ddb/  (Half Hannigan not here other good 
>information for the future)
>Best wishes

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