[Bg-dance] Fwd: Shadowlands' Fall Ball in the Small Hall - Take II (they're small)

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(Note the possibility of classes.)

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*You've heard of Kings Round table; now hear of the fun event
happening that same day!!!*

The time has come,

the time is now.

Ansteorran gentles,

Come to the Fall Ball Now!

Or rather come to the fall ball this Saturday (the 23rd).

Once again, the Shadowlands has brought together 10 lbs of fun in a 5
lb bag.  Starting at 10 AM rapier and Chivalric activities will
commence, with the exact nature of activity dependent on number of
participants.  Throughout the day, there will be games on tables, on
the floor, and in the yard.  A C&I room has been set aside for all day
use, and impromptu dance classes have been known to spring up around
the Maze.  In the evening around half past the hour of 5, a delicious
feast of the pot’s luck will be set.  The Shire is providing ham and
turkey aplenty, and asks that all who are able bring something to
share.  Sides, deserts, fruit, cold vegetables, bread and drinks are
all appreciated (even the perennial favorite of cheese and crackers
would be a treat).  A brief court will be held, followed by the
evening’s dances.  A challenging and enjoyable list of dances has been
set from across the continent, including the famed and dreaded
Shadoland’s "Branslee-Off."  Activities will cease at 10PM, cite
closes at 10:30.

For all this fun, the Shadowlands asks only for a small contribution
of $5, with those under 18 attending for the greatly reduced rate of
free.  The site is Dry, and the surrounding park public.

Please bring you favorite chair, seating is limited.

Please see our website (www.shadowlands.ansteorra.org) for more information,
and directions.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Bastian Eisengart, L.

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