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Greetings, Robin!  
I myself have tried three different SCA names over a course of 8 years.  I've finally settled on the Italian version of my mundane name, merely because throughout those 8 years, we've discovered, I won't answer to anything different! :)  As for figuring stuff out, you'll find we're all very helpful and would love to ask you questions and answer yours.  If you need a herald, Gerold is pretty much our go-to-herald for Blacklake, and the previous Western Region.  He carries a lot of knowledge in his head and knows where to access more...kind of important for a herald. *g*
Hope to see you at our next garb night on Tuesday - location forthcoming sometime today. :)
pronounced Janet - see above *g*

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I tried out a lot of names before I decided on Gwyneth...I didn't really decide actually...everyone decided for me.  I wanted something that started with "G" since my real name is Gail and of course the first thing I thought of since I knew NOTHING about medival history was Gwyndoly<G>  It didn't take long, however, until everyone, including me, was calling me Gwyn and Gwyneth just came from that...I recommend you sit down with a Herald and just see what pops out at you<G>

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This is my first greeting to everyone.....
I am not sure what to say because I am so new.  I haven't even decided upon a character as of yet and I have continuously come up with one reason or another to not attend any garb nights or get togethers.  I apologize because I am realizing that I am really missing out on good company.  So I suppose this is all I have to say til at a later time.
Robin (real name for me)

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