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Okay, especially after that last email, I guess, I should formally say "hello"! :)  Gianetta Malatesta de Montefiore mka Janet England.  My persona is 14th century Venetian, but you'll more than likely see me in Middle Eastern garb.  It's comfortable, I can sew it, and have you been outside in W. Ansteorran heat? :)  Furthermore, it technically works since Venice was a port city. *g*  Anyway, I'm also a Latin teacher, so if you need anything translated into Latin, I'd be happy to help...no really, I would...bad Latin translations make me cringe, and they're everywhere.  No worries, I gave up trying to correct them a LONG time ago. :)  But if you want something in Latin, just let me know!  Have my trusty dictionary around here somewhere... :) SCA wise I'm the current interim Blacklake treasurer, and like Al, will do what needs doing. :)
Hope to meet some of you in person soon!
Please pronounce it Janet - really, I won't answer otherwise. :)  Probably should have gone with a Scottish persona... :)

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Gerold Von Drachenhohle mka Chris England. I’m a manager for Barnes & Noble and am your local hitting people with sticks cordinator.  Garb night went ok, did a little more planning than actual sewing this time and somehow I ended up doing name research for the seneschal in the middle of it all ;)  I think we’re making it a regular Tuesday night gig, bouncing between Britta’s and Katie’s depending on who is available.
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Well I am on the list. Even when out of town like now. How did garb night go? I will be back in town next week if there is anything planned!

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I just wanted to say hi and see who is on the list.  I haven't gotten any posts.  Does the group not use this to communicate much?

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