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And if you want the library, but Gerold can't make it, I'll be more than happy to bring it if I'm going to be there instead. :)  I just may request help moving it.  It's very heavy...we have many books. *g*

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Since everyone says I’m the one with the answers here’s some that I totally made up and are probably only barely valid. ;)  When working on your persona there is a few facts to keep in mind.  1) Find a time/place that you are interested in. Notice that I said interested not knowledgeable.  If you like a certain culture the knowledge will come and it won’t even seem like study, and learning about the people and their culture is a big reason for doing what we do.  2) Look at the clothes from that particular time/place.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than strapping yourself into Italian Ren. clothing while you’re thinking how much easier and more comfortable a T-tunic is.  The opposite also applies (oh that’s so nice looking but it sooo not my time period etc.).  It may seem kind of a shallow way to look for a persona but what we wear is the single biggest sign of who we are trying to be.  Budget also comes into play here..  3) Be
 who you want to be.  The fun of persona play is you get to be that person you always wanted to be.  Giggling tavern wench, bold pirate, crafty merchant, wandering gypsy, you name it ;)
Any questions or if you’d like me to haul the library to one of the get-togethers just let me know.
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This is my first greeting to everyone.....
I am not sure what to say because I am so new.  I haven't even decided upon a character as of yet and I have continuously come up with one reason or another to not attend any garb nights or get togethers.  I apologize because I am realizing that I am really missing out on good company.  So I suppose this is all I have to say til at a later time.
Robin (real name for me)

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