[Bordermarch] House Fire of SCA Member ! ! !

benliz benliz at ev1.net
Thu Jun 3 17:28:06 PDT 2004

Your wisdom is deep, Excellencies.
As you wish...  ...

John R Parrish wrote:

>We as a group of family and friends... form tight lines when a threat
>comes to us. 
>In doing so, makes us strong. 
>Ansteorra has much heart. This barony like so many other lands within
>this Kingdom, stand upon those lines. 
>Word has come... A sister needs our help and prayers. 
>If you have any thing you can part with.. such as auction items, it would
>be greatly appreciated.
>Barefoot boxes is a company that creates treasures. They donated one at
>Baronials, funds used from that auction were to go to Ansteorran 25th
>year celebration. The noble man whom purchased  this box... Ed Ladd, gave
>the box back so we could find a good home for it. He in turn sent the
>donated funds to our Kingdom Reeve. We were going to give the box to
>Their Majesties Atenveldt. They are unaware of this gesture. What say you
>on giving this treasure/feast box to our family in Ravensfort, for them
>to help a sister in need? 
>For barony, for kingdom...
>	I remain,
>		Armand
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