[Bordermarch] War is at hand..

HE Armand De Lacy baron at bordermarch.org
Mon Dec 19 20:45:58 PST 2005

My dear friends...
  The drums of war are calling, it is time to make preparations. Soon we march to the eastern borders, join your brothers and sisters in answering the call. We go to claim victory for all of Ansteorra. Time is at hand, pre-registering is critical in having enough land for everyone to camp togather. This must be done "prior to January 31, 2006". For information on how, please go to www.gulfwars.org and ensure your place among the heroes of Ansteorra. Volunteering your time.. be it taking the field, working security or perhaps teaching a class. Many Merchants from the known worlde, will bring you treasures from far off lands. So much to see and do, come be a part of it!
  Please send me your info as well...these things I need:
  SCA/mundane names
  Tent size -w/ropes
  Date of arrival
  group camping with., ie ( Stargate, Seawinds, Greywood etc.. )
  # and names of adults in same tent
  Pre-registered? Y/N
  Please pass this along to your groups and friends...
  GulfWar XV will be remembered, hope to see you there!
  HE Armand de Lacy  "coastal land steward"
  HE William of Welewen "brave co-land steward of the coast"
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