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Wed Dec 14 11:00:59 PST 2005

Sorry I will no be attending the next Gate's Edge practice uon 
sunday since I will be practicing combat archery at Eadrics.

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Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 08:15:09 -0600

>Greetings Lord Madog and all other fighters of Ansteorra
>Lord Tora is also holding practices on Thursday evenings from 7 
pm til 9 pm
>at Meyer Park on Cypresswood Dr in Spring, TX.  Then he holds 
another on
>Sundays from 4 pm til 6 pm at the same location.
>We have discussed holding the Melee practice as well.  I would 
like to see
>as many fighters as possible come out to the next Sunday 
practice.  If there
>are enough, then we will call a melee practice for next month 
>I agree...Where are all the fighters?
>There are several practices to attend to keep in shape...to work 
on those
>extra moves...to prepare for WAR!!!!!!
>In Service,
>On 12/13/05, Matt Gilson <madogofglastonbury at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>  Where are all the fighters of the Loch?
>> Where are all the fighters of Stargate?
>> Too many Tuesday nights of late have I stood upon the field 
alone, or with
>> but 1 or 2 comrades in arms!
>> War approaches, yet our numbers shrink, not grow!  He who will 
be our War
>> King has urged all groups to hold monthly melee practices to 
prepare.  Many
>> have offered to travel to neighboring groups to attend these 
practices.  I
>> want to declare melee practices for our groups, yet I am 
hesitant to do so
>> when I lack the confidence that we will have enough of our own 
numbers to
>> make it worthwhile for those who may drive extra hours to join 
>> Calling all fighters!  The weather is cool, we need not dread 
the heat.
>> Come to practice.  Weather permitting, I will be there this 
coming Tuesday,
>> Dec. 20.  I will be there on Tuesday, Jan. 3.  (I assume all 
will be busy
>> with family and friends Dec. 27).  Show me that the hearts of 
Stargate and
>> the Loch are still bold, that we may call for melees later in 
>> Ld. Madog of Glastonbury
>> Loch Soillier Knight's Marshal
>Racheal no Ansteorra
>mka Cherish Robinson
>Gate's Edge Chronicler
>Secretary of Gate's Edge Knight Marshal

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