[Bordermarch] Fwd: Help Needed

HE Caitrin de Lacy baroness at bordermarch.org
Mon Aug 21 14:25:59 PDT 2006

   Greetings Bordermarch,
  A wonderful lady visited our Art Museum in July to view our exhibit and was very impressed.  She is a history teacher with the Home School Coop in Beaumont and also home schools her SIX-----count 'em----SIX children.  Four years ago Bordermarch visited her school and did a demo and she is very excited about having some of us come in garb and visit her school again this year when they study the unit on the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and perhaps talk to the classes or share something of the SCA with them.  
  I let her borrow one of my banners for her classroom along with my metal knight, and she asked me to do her a large scroll-type sign for her classroom with classroom rules, entitled "Castle Rules", which she is posting on the wall.  As a matter of fact, she is changing her entire classroom into a castle, and her husband is building a castle facade to look like you are entering a castle when you enter her history classroom.
  Please consider helping this lady if at all possible.  She is not sure about the schedule yet, and she understands that many of the group work during the day, but any help at all would be appreciated.  
  She and her family are members of Simonn and Tessa's church, and they know her.  I am waiting to hear from her, and if anyone can help at all, let me know or let Simonn or Tessa know if you have any suggestions.
  In Service to my Barony of Bordermarch, the Coastal Region, my Kingdom of Ansteorra--------and The Dream,

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