[Bordermarch] Corrected Information for Parchment Pages

Theresa Liddle-Bernsen cre8tivtess at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 11:57:06 PDT 2006

When I looked at the information on the list it was all jumbled up so here it is again seperated with some additions and corrections. 
Thank you,

Theresa Liddle-Bernsen, aka: Therese d'Ivoire                                               
8255 Highway 105                                                       
Beaumont, TX  77713                                                  
409-896-5206 - home                                                                         
409-291-1502 - cell                                              
cre8tivtess at yahoo.com
Interests:              Pottery, Calligraphy, Drawing, Jewelry, also teaching, learning. Got into the SCA because of calligraphy. Was introduced to SCA by Lady Robin of                             the Elm, mka: Robbie Howard back in 1978. First event I ever autocratted was Sigmond and Siglinda's first Coronation. Held at the Harvest Club at                             the old fair grounds in Beaumont. Working on establishing a productive potters guild for Bordermarch. 
Households:          Mountain Gate, IvoireMoon of Bleakwood and Bladesong                       

Awards:                Her Ladyship Therese d'Ivoire                                                            
                                   AoA - Jan. 1981                                                           
                                   Thistle - Sep. 1981 (Calligraphy)                                             
                                   OSTB - Feb. 1984                                                                           
                                   CIM - Feb. 1984                                                                                
                                   ONHB* - Apr. 1995

Offices Held:       Seneschal, Exchequer, Scribe, Arts & Science, Chronicler

Kenesaw L. Bernsen, Jr., aka: Crabbi
8255 Highway 105
Beaumont, TX  77713
409-896-5206 - home 
409-291-1501 - cell
No email
Interests:              Been in the SCA since 1977, have feastocratted many events, some even in the rain (Clayborne West Park Autumn Melees) with water up to the                             running boards of the car. Love to cook, fight, and make jewelry. I use to be called Yagi and may be again if Amberlea has anything to do with it.                             So all of you that knows me as Uncle Yagi, I am still here. 
Households:          IvoireMoon of Bleakwood and Bladesong
Awards:                Lord Crabbi (Yagsavoke Ulric Moonchild of Bleakwood) 
                                    AoA - Mar. 1978 
                                    OSTB - Mar. 1978 
                                    Thistle - Oct. 1993 (Jewelry Making)
                                    ONHB* - Nov. 1995
Offices Held:       Knight Marshall, a founding member of the BORACHMON

Theresa Liddle-Bernsen 
dba:  Old Earth Creations
8255 Highway 105
Beaumont, TX 77713
409-896-5206 - home/studio / 409-291-1502 - cell
Call for Connection - fax 

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