[Bordermarch] Fwd: Christmas Packages for Soldiers

HE Caitrin de Lacy baroness at bordermarch.org
Mon Dec 11 14:05:24 PST 2006

Just a quick update on the boxes for our soldiers.  
  According to Jackie/Dana/Caitrin Troy is unable to receive any E-mails or packages at this time due to his post in Iraq.  Our prayers are certainly with him....
  We were able to obtain enough goodies for 3 boxes....I have a co-worker here at the doctors office who's son Josh Christian is stationed in Okanowa(sp) Japan and won't be home for Christmas.  Dr. Cartett heard of this and wanted to help and since I had several boxes to donate we decided to mail them to Josh and three other individuals in his marine group.  Several of the co-workers here added to the boxes also.
  So off with 4 boxes and a HO...HO...HO!!!
  Thanks to Jayna, Tessa, Valencia and all those that have offered support to our troops. 

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