[Bordermarch] Autumn Melees- Lost and Found

Richard and Debra armand_caitrin at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 15 12:10:33 PST 2006

  Here it is...
  I am still waiting to hear from a member on a couple of items he found at Melees and will post those later.
  Missing at Melees 2006
  1)  Money
       My Boy Danny was at Melees and lost some money - not-surprising, he's 11 and 
       had his hand in and out of his pouch 50 times during the day!   
    This would have been on Saturday, and the amount was $32 in a combination of one $10, 
    two $5, and twelve $1 bills.  This was the amount he had left after doing a little shopping 
       (he's got more money than I do!).  
         If anyone found this money please contact me 

         Thanks, Ericus the Silverhand
         billcburgin at yahoo.com

  2)  Rattan Sword  w/red tape edging, black basket, w/ white lanyard 
       Belongs to HRH Romanius

  3)  Electric Toothbrush
       Possibly left in Lady bath house
       Belongs to Duchess Conal
    silver pocket knife 
    brass cloak pin
    Black & Brown Clothing possibly a Cloak with buttons
    Gray Cloak
    Blue Cloak
    Tan Material
    glass mug
    pewter mug
    wooden insulated mug
    blue fencing cape
    childs archery glove with their name on it
    Brown gloves
   If you see something that belongs to someone you know, Please forward this message to them. 
     Again, we wish to thank everyone who attended Melees this year. It is your presence that helped make it such a wonderful event. We hope to see everyone again at our Baronial in April. 
     For those who have not already heard, My Lord husband Armand and I will be retiring as the current Landed Nobles at Bordermarch Baronial. We have had so much fun as Landed Nobles it is would not be fair to share this wonderful adventure with someone else, to this cause, Bordermarch will also be holding an Investiture at Baronial, we hope to see you there.
  Much Love and a Merry Christmas to all,
  Caitrin de Lacy
  Baroness of Bordermarch

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