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Opinion polling clarifications
The following clarifications should be published in both the group's newsletter and website as well as posted to their email list along with the polling timeline. 


Polling Clarifications

Baronial pollings are not a democratic vote and do not necessarily determine who will be chosen for a position. Rather, pollings provide a way for the Crown to hear and consider the opinions of the populace on the matter of Baronial succession. The Crown considers many factors when choosing new landed nobility, including the results of the polling.


Candidate discussion

Try to avoid candidate discussion on email lists. If you have questions for the baronial candidates, contact them directly by email, not on a list, or talk to them in person.


Candidate meetings

All baronial candidates must be available to meet with the Crown at King's Round Table.


Where to send commentary

The opinion poll form does not include space for written commentary, so any commentary about the baronial candidates should be emailed directly to the Crown at crown at ansteorra.org. Do not send commentary to the Kingdom or Regional Seneschal.


Who can fill out an opinion poll form?

Everyone: member and non-members, residents and non-residents. If you are a member, bring your membership card with you to the polling on February 22, 2007.


Mail-in opinion poll forms

Mail-in opinion poll forms will be not be accepted.  If you have a dire and pressing issue that prevent you from attending the physical polling on Thursday, February 22, 2007, contact the Kingdom Seneschal.


Results of the polling

The results of the baronial polling will NOT be made public. This is the norm for opinion polls conducted in Ansteorra. The results of the polling will be known only by the Regional Seneschal, the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown. The results will not be shared with anyone else: not the candidates, not the current local landed nobility, not the populace, no one.   Please understand that the poll is a measure of your opinions, not a democratic vote. The Crown alone makes the decision, in consultation with their Heirs.


If anyone has any questions, contact me directly at seneschal at ansteorra.org or 903-759-0488.



Kingdom Seneschal

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