[Bordermarch] Part 1: Timeline for Polling and Selection

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Thu Dec 21 05:48:27 PST 2006

The following is everything received from Kingdom Seneschal, HG Duchess Julia, about TIMELINE FOR BARONIAL POLLING AND SELECTION. 
The populace listed in Parchment Pages should have already seen this information published in hardcopies earlier in the month of December.  If you have not received a hard copy, please let the local Chronicler or local Seneschal know.  If you have a printer, you are welcomed to print this as your hard copy. 

(The candidates' names shown at the bottom are merely samples for the purpose of showing you a polling form. There are no persona by those names in Bordermarch.) 

Reminder: Their Excellencies announced that Letters of Interest are due addressed in 4 hardcopies:
 (1) to Crown;  (2) to Heirs;  (3) to Kingdom Seneschal;  (4) to Their Excellencies of Bordermarch.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Timeline for Baronial Polling and Selection

§        Thursday, November 30, 2006:  The Baron and Baroness make their announcement to step down. Their candidates are encouraged to submit letters of intent.

§        The B&B put in their declaration letter along with the Polling Timeline and Opinion Polling Clarifications in the December and January local baronial newsletter.

§        Friday, January 19, 2007:  This is the deadline to declare baronial candidate status-no new entrants are allowed after this date. Final letters of intent by baronial candidates are due to the Crown and Heirs by email.

§        Saturday, January 20, 2007:  All baronial candidates to meet one-on-one with the Crown at King's Round Table.  

§        January 31, 2007:  The final opinion poll form with candidate names is posted to the baronial website. Brief, single-page candidate letters with full contact information are also posted to the website.  

§        The Final opinion poll form with candidate names brief, single-page candidate letters with full contact information to be published in February newsletter.  This newsletter must be mailed by February 5.

§        Thursday, February 22, 2007:  The Big Day.  Polling occurs during the regular populace meeting,, 7:30 P.M., Gander Mountain Conference Room,  @ Eastex Freeway and Dowlen Road, Beaumont, Tx.   No candidate speeches.  The Regional Seneschal will be there to conduct the polling.  You must be there in person to take the Opinion Poll.  If there is an overwhelmingly compelling reason you can not make it to the Opinion Polling, contact the Kingdom Seneschal beforehand.

§        February 25, 2007: Have you sent an email to the Crown with your commentary about the baronial candidates? If not, do so right away.

§        February 28, 2007: All email with commentary about the baronial candidates is due to the Crown.

§        March 10, 2006: The Crown announces their final decision. This is to allow them enough time to read each and every one of the opinion poll forms and commentary emails.

§        Saturday, April 28, 2007: TRM officially invest the new Baron and Baroness. This is a big occasion and the populace is urged to attend to lend their support to their new landed nobility.


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