[Bordermarch] Melees Discussion

HE Caitrin de Lacy baroness at bordermarch.org
Wed Sep 13 15:50:02 PDT 2006

  I'm sorry if anyone feels as if I was being harsh.
  I just foresaw a problem with the way the discussion was heading. 
  It is ok to discuss how we can help fix a problem in our budget. For this is how we can remedy the problem.  We need all the help, that the members are willing to give.
  If you do not know what the budget was for and the cost, then it is hard to explain why the site fee went up. The cost is the financial part of our group and that should not be placed on an open list were any body and their neighbor can read it. That is why I aked for those who wanted to know to contact either me, Armand, Bianca or Tessa.
  I was not saying that we do not want to hear what our members have to say. All is listen to and taken as advisement.
  We know we needed to bring down the site fees and the only way to that was to get help from Bordermarch members by them donating the items that would need to be taken off the event budget list.
  This is this list without the cost of the items:
       Feast                    REMOVED     Still excepting donations, we have some already
     Advertising             REMOVED    We are using our 2 free pages
    Ambiance (Banner Poles)  REMOVED    These are already being donated
    Hafla Tent Rental      REMOVED      The tent is being donated by Adolf
    Water Bearing  REMOVED     need donation for supplies( fruit,pickles,nuts, gatoraide)
    Site Maintaince               REMOVED  Need donations for Ant-Killer or Ant-Killer
    Noble Lunch/Dinner   REMOVED   Still excepting donations, have some
    Propane for Torches  REMOVED     need donations 
    Site Tokens              REMOVED    already donated
  This what we have kept on the budget.
  Horse Insurance (Paid-Must Have)
  MOC (The children's Activities)
  Toilets (MUST HAVE)
  Prizes (for the Champions)
  Acceps Charge (Event fee pay in advance)
  Plus Site Rental's
  I hope this helps everyone. If you can help with donation please contact the Event Stewards - Adolf the Bear or Aaron Whitewolf.
  Love to All,

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