[Bordermarch] Items for our military guys..

LadyVal at aol.com LadyVal at aol.com
Mon Sep 25 02:49:48 PDT 2006

I think it would be great to gather up some of the items the  military gjys 
are most asking for and I am preparing a small package  to mail.  
If you can bring any of those items mentioned, we could start a  small 
package to mail.
Items most asked for include:  antavcid tablets, coffee  and hot cocoa mixes, 
tea, chapstick, pre-sweetened drink mixes, pop tarts,  cereal bars, hard 
candies, gummy bears, Lifesavers, Jolly Ranchers, Cup-O-Soup,  wrapped nuts or 
sunflower seeds, nail cippers, nail files, dental floss,  toothbrushes, 
toothpaste, vitamins (multi and C especially), Q-tips, disposable  razors, shaving gel, 
word puzzles, Moleskin, Neosporin, pocket comb, foot  powder, Kleenex, Baby 
powder, aspirin, Tylenol, boot insoles, sunglasses, throat  lozenges, Vaseline, 
Blistex, Carmine, eye drops for blowing sand irritation,  decks of cards, 
music CDs, socks, books, Sunday comics, envelopes, paper, pens,  pencils, puzzle 
books, notebooks, lots of  candy.

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