[Bordermarch] Parchment Pages

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Thu Aug 23 20:39:25 PDT 2007

Please send to Lord Phocas at
phocas @ bordermarch dot org
the ways and means of your name, persona, and contact information 
if you have not checked your data on his current stash of information within the past few weeks.
He updates contact information every year to print the yearly Parchment Pages 
(not quite the Yellow Pages) in September.
The Parchment Pages are distributed to each one who has purchased a subscription for the Trumpeter,
which costs $15 per year, payable to "SCA, Inc. Barony Bordermarch"
If you are not a subscriber to the local Trumpeter, or you do not plan to become a subscriber, but desire to have your contact information listed therein, please contact L Phocas.

Thank you

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