[Bordermarch] archery targets

kandace harris thetexladi at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 27 07:07:10 PDT 2007

Greeting unto Bordermarch,
   The Shire of Greywood would like to Thanks Ld. Phocas and Ld Aaaron Whitewolf for finding and loading up my wagon with Greywood Archery supplies. It is always true that many hands make lighter work. Greywood would also thank Bordermarch for taking good care of those supplies.  
    However, There is one of those steel "L" shape pole missing. I believe it is against the back wall of the store room. I'm sure there will be "alot" of Bordermarchers'  coming too visit their cousins, Greywood, for B.O.P. Would it be possible for someone to pick that "L" shape pole up and bring it up ? That would give Greywood 3 targets instead of 2 for the Archers to shoot at.
     Please come and join Greywood for Battle Of the Pines (B.O.P.), a 2 day Event. Site opens at 4 p.m. Friday and closes at 12 noon Monday. There will be plenty of fun things too do , Chivalric , Rapier and Archery. There will be a silent auction with some really nice things to bid on .A wonderful feast will be served. It will be Greywoods'  Honor to welcome their cousins from the south to come and see the new site and spend time in visiting and Playing.
     Hope too see Bordermarch there...
   Ld. Kandyce

                  It's nice to be Important ...But....It's more important to be nice...Ldy, Kandyce of Oakclyffe 
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