[Bordermarch] My Birthday Present ... The Best Ever!!!

Cam Battaglia momma_cammie at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 17:10:09 PDT 2007

Heilsa to all my friends and family Bordermarch,
I have decided that Lord Thorkin has to be the very best life partner that I
could ever have.  I know that a few of you are saying to yourselves, “Duh!
That’s pretty evident, don’t cha think, Katrina?  I mean … just look at the
way you look at him!”  Well, there is even more reason for me to assert his
wonderfulness now.  My loving Lord has bought me a house!  Although our new
house will take us out of the gracious Barony Bordermarch and into the Gates
Edge area, please know that there are several other reasons for this move as
well as getting the best birthday present ever … the house is just the
topping on the cake for me.  
Lord Thorkin’s remodeling business and investor contacts have taken him more
and more into the Stargate/Gates Edge/ Westgate areas and we have been
experiencing long periods of separation due to this.  Such a separation was
the reason that I moved from Stargate to Bordermarch four years ago.  As
well, the Chemical Engineering firm that I was working for has finally
closed its doors and it makes much more sense for me to look for future
employment in the same area as his business concerns take him.  
We will be eternally grateful for the graciousness of Lady Ophelia and Lord
Vincois for inviting us into their home and family during the four years
that we have lived here in Bordermarch.  Without their love and support
during an extremely rough time in our lives, we would have been in very dire
circumstances.  But I know that both of them have a strong base of friends
here and that you will support them as well.  Lady Ophelia has been my SCA
daughter for a number of years, and I can rest easy leaving her with so many
loving and caring people.  I know that you will continue to assist her and
Lord Vincois in their daily lives as well as with their goals in the SCA.  I
have been proud to claim Bordermarch as a home Barony and know that I will
always love her and her people.  We are forever grateful for all of the
close and dear friendships that we have made here, the support that Baron
Armand, Baroness Caitrin and our fellow Bordermarchers gave to out fledgling
business, Barefoot Boxes/Longship Furniture, and will always return to
Bordermarch to support her during her events and endeavors.
Currently it appears that we will be moving into the new digs the weekend of
September 7th – 9th.   The new house is in Spring, TX and will put me closer
to my Pelican, Mesterinde Annes, which I believe will be much to both our
liking.  And shortly after that I will have to begin the search for new work
in the area.  It promises to be a very busy time, and also appears that the
merchant booth will have to be placed on the “back burner” for a short time
until things settle down.  We still plan on being at Autumn Melees and I
would like to continue on this list as well as we have many friends here
that we want to keep up with.  However, I do not think it fair that we are
included in the Parchment Pages (unless you want to put us with the
“special” people).  
We will try to get to a fighter practice or two before we leave so we can
see all of our friends to say goodbye … for now.
Ly Katrina Alyse Argo
a.k.a. Momma Cammie

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