[Bordermarch] Twelfth Night Thanks

Cam Battaglia momma_cammie at yahoo.com
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Lady Bianca,

I send you greetings and tidings of word fame from Haus Kiersted.  I have heard from both Mistress Lorraine Deerslayer (Ravensfort) and Mesterinde Annes Clothilde Von Bamburg (Gate's Edge) that they enjoyed themselves immensely.  This was their first Bordermarch 12th Night and so great was their pleasure that they are considering putting it permanently on their calendars!  

No greater compliment can be given to two such wonderful hostesses, nor to the fellowship and effort of all the populace of Barony Bordermarch.
Vivat Bordermarch!

Ly. Katrina Alyse Argo 
Protege to Mesterinde Annes Clothilde Von Bamburg

a.k.a. Momma Cammie 
m.k.a. Cam Battaglia 
The world of poetry, mythology, and religion represents the world as a man would like to have it ... while science represents the world as he gradually comes to discover it. 

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  Hope everybody had a great time at Twelfth Night this year. I wanted to thank everybody for participating and for all the hard work and support that was put into making this a success. Once again thank you for all the help. 
  Lady Bianca Mondragon

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