[Bordermarch] January Populace Meeting Thursday

HE Armand de Lacy baron at bordermarch.org
Thu Jan 25 15:43:13 PST 2007

There are 2 ways in which the Crown can receive your words and thoughts.
  For a nice hand written letter... 
TRM Romanius and Deanna
  1013 W.Howard Street
  Olney,TX 76374
  or...( in case you are afraid they cannot read your writting )
  crown at ansteorra.org
  As of now they are Their Highnesses, after Saturday... they assend the sable throne.
  Also, HE Tessa spoke of what the site at Bryn Gwlad looks like...its a truely awesome site.
  When you first drive to it, the road into the village has a steep drop. Please be aware of the steep incline you will drive down. 
  Its looking like 17 are making the journey!!
Bill C Burgin <billcburgin at yahoo.com> wrote: 
  --- HE Armand de Lacy wrote:

> Friends...
> At this populace, it is asked that you bring
> letters of commentary about the candidates.

> The Crown will accept emails as well. The last day
> they will accept these will be on February 28.
> I remain,
> Armand de Lacy
> Baron of Bordermarch
>Thank you so much for your encouraging words,
Excellency. For those of us who are no good at
deadlines, would someone be so kind as to post the
email address to which Their Highnesses would like
letters sent? 
Also, for those of you who don't know... sooner is
better than later. By the time the deadline arrives,
the last few letters trickling in will not have much
weight - opinions get formed in the early going, from
the majority of letters, and are unlikely to be
changed at the 11th hour. So, if you have something to
say, choose your words carefully, proofread your own
words (or have someone who doesn't "know you" and what
you "meant" to say, do it), and send it off without
(please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)
Sorry, I don't know how that slipped in... ;{>

Bill / Ericus

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