[Bordermarch] Populace

Lathrop, Dave Dave.Lathrop at valero.com
Fri Jul 27 10:56:29 PDT 2007

Thanks to all for the excellent populace meeting yesterday. Everyone was
so kind and permitted me to rest while my exuberant wife, HE Elisabeth,
wore herself out talking.
Amazingly enough, she still had reserve energy to hammer me and Lord
Vaclav on the long drive home with non-stop verbiage, we still made good
time. As we approached Lord Vaclav's
domicile he did seem quite anxious to flee the vehicle.
On a more serious note, we touched on some important subjects during the
      1.   Ballista Babes will become a reality.
      2.   Brewers Guild is cranking up this Sunday at 110 Dawn Dr.
Silsbee, sometime around noon.
      3.   Fundraising link-sale 08/18/07 at the Lumberton Market
      4.   Baronial Officers decided to no longer accept complimentary
issues of the Trumpeter, they will pay just like everyone else.
      5.   We collected funds for our Herald, HE AmberLea Fairchild, to
perhaps lighten the load during her extended medical stay in Galveston.
      6.   Scribal Meeting at Lord Phocas's house, 08/19/08,
concentrating on Autumn Melees scrolls.
      7.   Preliminary updated Bordermarch website, presented by Lord
      8.   New Youth Rapier Marshall rules and regulations discussed.
      9.   All the officer reports complete and in on time.
      10. Lord Sterling reports on upcoming Autumn Melees. 
      11. Did I mention the Brewers Guild?
      12. The Armory class at Sir Simonn's is bursting with new people
and ideas.
      13  Potters Guild meeting discussed.
      14. 12th Night preparation is already in the works.
      15. Autumn Melees banner construction discussed.
      16. Lord Malcolm announced that he finally discovered his manhood
and proposed to his beautiful Lady Erin, she unwittingly accepted.
      17. Newcomers meeting and Kingdom events that Bordemarch attended
were discussed.
I'm sure I left some things out, but I just wanted to show everyone how
much can be accomplished by putting forth a cooperative effort in one
,just think what we could do in two hours!!!
HE Santiago

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