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     If it's any consolation, I didn't even think of that when I read the Potter's Guild meeting post, myself. If I'd been able to go to the Guild meetup, I would have likely gone to your place and wondered why no one else was there! :-)

Footprints . . . The Sequel

Then I said, "But Lord, what are these 
two lines in the sand next to Your 
footprints?" And He answered,
 "My child, those were the times I had to 
drag you kicking and screaming until 
you decided to get a clue and snap out of it."

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Greetings to the populace,

Well here I am with my foot in my mouth, I put in the potters guild letter that we could meet on the 30th of this month but I won't be here I will be at the Bordermarch picnic. Anyway the guild will not meet on the 30th of June at the studio, we can meet at the park for the picnic even talk about plans for the future. Hope to see all of you at the park and at the guild meeting next month on the last weekend of July.  

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Bordermarch Picnic
Sat. June 30th11:00am
Rogers Park in Beaumont
A gathering of friends & family.
    Please provide meat for “your” family and a side dish to “share.” Hot grills will be available as well as ice cold beverages.  Games and music appreciated.  Don’t forget your lawn chairs.  (No Garb Required)
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