[Bordermarch] "Coronation Donation"

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 19:36:14 PDT 2007

Bordermarch Populace,

Time has come again to ask for donations to give at
Coronation.  We, like many of you are extremely busy
and certainly feel the economic pinch.  Santiago and I
like the idea of giving a gas card to Their Majesties.
 It helps two fold...Their Majesties expenses and
gives the opportunity for everyone in the Barony to be
apart of this gift.  

We are asking for each Bordermarch Household
ie...Green Mt, Bladesong, Mountain Gate etc...to
donate $25.00. If divided amoung all your household
members this can be minimal. For instance one
household may give $12.50 per person where another may
be $1 per person.  

We understand that this still may be difficult for
some and we certainly don't want to add any additional
stress.  We greatly appreciate what you ARE able to
offer...your time and your many talents. 

If you would rather donate a gift from your personal
works please don't hesitate to give this to us also. 
We would be proud to present it to Their Majesties.

L. Isabelle has graciously offered to hand paint a
card for us to present which we will seal with the wax
Bordermarch stamp that Bladesong gave us in April.
Any and all gifts need to be brought forth no later
then July 5th at fighter practice.

Our many, many thanks for all your support.

God's Grace,
HE Santiago & HE Elisabeth


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