[Bordermarch] Looking for Lost Pewter Goblet

Alianorra MacAiodh alianorramacaiodh at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 12:26:35 PST 2008

Greetings Bordermarchers!
  Here I was packing the last bit for Gulf War in the "everything but the box" and low and behold I find I am missing my small pewter goblet. This got me to thinking the last event I used said goblet was at Bordermarch Autumn Melee's. I believe it may have been left in the ladies lavatory on the West side of the encampment. 
  Would anyone happen to have found said lost goblet? It is a small pewter goblet with Celtic Knotwork on the drinking bell on both sides. I would be greatly appreciative of any known whereabouts. :) 
  I hope all that will be home will have a wonderful time and all that are traveling to Gulf War have uneventful and safe travels. See you in April, for those that will not be at War.
  Alianorra MacAiodh

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