[Bordermarch] Further update

Diego QuevedoDiegoD at aol.com
Tue Mar 11 20:48:18 PDT 2008

Greetings one and all from the land to the east. War is progressing  
well, and Ansreorra has been represented well so far. Unfortunately, I  
have been working long hours covering Chirurgeon Point. But, the  
Ravine battle was represented well by our own Newby. When I spoke with  
him just after battle, he was still excited about his sucess on the  
Our Baron Santiago, is wandering around lost without his Baroness.

I have been able to acrue over 50 hours of volunteer time already, and  
only half way through the week. It has been pretty cool at night and  
was wet last night. But the merriment has not been dampened by the  

I will say this, we are missing all of those that were not able to  
attend. Bordermarch emcampment is way too quiet way too early without  

In your service,

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