[Bordermarch] OT: 2 cats in need of a good home

W G Wimberley kwcw3f at peoplepc.com
Fri Mar 14 08:12:22 PDT 2008

Good gentles, 
     I have a problem that I hope someone from our good Barony can help with...
     We at home have two black cats that need homes. They are family pets, rescues, that we've had for some time. Our problem is that these two cats do NOT get along, and the older of the two won't let the younger alone to take care of business, let alone mind her own business. Consequently, we are having bathroom issues with both, and it is really giving us a hard time. SO, we must find homes with both kitties. 
     They are both females, are not fixed and do need shots. We simply don't have the money to take care of the 'fixing' and shots.
     Onyx is a mid-length haired cat, sweet disposition but inclined to be a bit skittish. She doesn't like to be held but will come up and sit with me when I am knitting or crocheting or reading. She's at least two years old, we found her when she was a kitten over near the strip mall next to Silsbee's Wal-Mart. She likes to be petted, but not closed in or held close.
     Jet is a short-haired cat. She was found on FM 1122 in Silsbee by my husband, in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. She had been either thrown out of a vehicle or perhaps had crawled up in the engine and fell out. She had a wound to the top of her head, under the right jaw, near her eye (we feared sight damage but think she's all right)and skinned up nose. She is within 6 months old. She likes to be held (but not on her back like a baby), likes to be petted, pats at you to get your attention, and is sweet dispositioned. 
     We love these little cats very much but we just can't keep them. We have several other pets, all rescues. These two just can't live together and the fallout is kicking up our allergies. 
     Is there anyone out there who would like a cat? These two would be best as "only" cats. They are sweet and we just can't bear the thought of trying to take them to a shelter, when most are full. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks for reading.
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