[Bordermarch] From Your Baroness

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 22:13:33 PDT 2008

As HE Santiago traveled to GW with our fine fighters and their Ladies I stayed home and had my own Pity Party with many others.  Thanks to L. Catalina, L. Merasanka and family, L. Kathileen and family and HE AmberLea for spending Saturday with me sewing, designing and planning future events, sharing ideas and resting my back.  
  What talent, compassion and love we have in Bordermarch.  It was so fun just relaxing and spending time with some great people.  Wish more had been able to come maybe next time???  We missed so many of you!!
  Saw the neurosurgeon today...all is well.  Will have to forever be very careful unless it herniates again then will take next step. Steroids are helping me heal but also keeping me wired and ready to conquer the world.  (Thinking I may give some to HE to finish our house).  He's just trying to drug me so I'll stop talking him to death....all night!!!  Have been ordered not to do anything for the next 7 days by the doctor...yeah RIGHT!!!  Santiago has his hands full!
  Please remember TE Armand and Caitrin and the loss of her mom. Keep them in your hearts and prayers.  Bordermarch is here for you both.  
  God's Grace & Love,

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