[Bordermarch] Memorial Arrangements to honor Lady Arianna of Greytower

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Sat Mar 22 08:17:40 PDT 2008

Memorial Services to honor the life of Patricia Ryley will be Tuesday, 1:30, at Heritage, Nederland on Ave H.
Patricia/Lady Arianna of Greytower was a noteworthy bard, a teller of stories, particularly of the Anne Bolynn era. 
She was intrumental in the earlier years of Bordermarch's bardic endeavors as both an event autocrat and artisan.  
Her writings were contributed to Trumpeter. As recently as 2003-04 she attended events at the castle even with her health failing then.
Patricia Ryley's modern career was spent as an educator, loving and training young children. 
Great loss is felt by her family: husband Richard, daughter Felicity, and son Richard Allen Ryley, and her persona sister, Lady Quendolyn of the Silent Lake.

Please remember the family with the compassion and love.

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