[Bordermarch] Nomis concerns to Her Excelency Elisabeth

nomistk at bordermarch.org nomistk at bordermarch.org
Thu Oct 23 14:15:42 PDT 2008

   To your excelency Elisabeth,

   I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits.   What I have to
   tell you has caused me much distress and concern but I feel that you
   should be aware of my concerns.  I have sent this by the foul
   mouth leatherman because he truly is a fine fellow and can be trusted
   to the end.

   I was quite honored to spend some personal time with the Baron this
   last week end but I noticed some disturbing things.  First he spent a
   lot of time showing me his GREAT bellows for his forge.   I have to
   say that the pile of wood that I saw more represented a milking stool
   for the cows rather than a bellows, great or not.  Alas I took this to
   be his great ability to dream big which has served this barony so well
   so far.  But then he proceeded to show me what was obviously trash and
   discards from some long forgotten construction and his description of
   the metal shards he had collected was that they were mighty swords and
   hammers and what fine and strong pieces they are.  My lady these
   pieces were nothing more than trash.  I can only hope nobody has seen
   our beloved baron sorting through trash like a lowly pesant!  He then
   showed me his prize collection of woods from far away imagined lands
   with truly fanticiful names.  How these worm eaten boards hold any
   value other than as kindling for a fire I cannot begin to guess.  And
   then the final comment that truly brought a tear to my eye was his
   showing to me a thigh bone from a dead Ox and try to explain to me
   that it came from a truly marvelous creature that was as tall as a
   tower and could run with a gait longer than a catapult shot.  How he
   could weave such a story around a single Ox thigh bone i am not sure.

   Now in his last communication to me he has accused me of marrying the
   donkey he charge me with.  I feel that when I told him I had mounted
   and rode the steed he totally misunderstood my intention.  I now fear
   for the animals safety in his personal care.  If he can look at wood
   and see a bellows, scrap metal and see a sword, a donkey and see a
   bride where will his mind take him next? Please pay close attention to
   his doings and insure no harm comes to the baron.

   In your service

   Nomis of Topaz Key

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